Learn about the top use-cases and techniques for time-series data

Time is present in most of the data around us. From retail product sales data to financial stock price, to IoT sensor data, all have a notion of time in it. So mastering time-series analytics is going to make you master of the data science world

The top 5 analytics…

Understand the world around us using data science

Currently, everybody's mind is occupied with the subject of COVID vaccinations. So in this story, you will see how we can use data science to understand what people are thinking about vaccinations and what do they discuss about it

I will be taking tweets related to the PFIZER vaccination and…

Understanding an outlier is more important than finding it

Finding outliers is technical, but understanding outliers is a mix of skill and art. …

Neural networks are not only for machine learning. You can use it for data analysis also.

Neural networks are generally used by a data scientist for machine learning and are viewed as BlackBox.

However, in this story, I will show that you can go from data to insights in a very efficient way using neural networks. …

Being euphoric right from 1st Jan

This article is my new year greeting to you. I had far simpler alternatives to wish you an excellent year using simple text messages with nice words or copy-paste a new year greeting image.

However, I want to start the new year with a lot of optimism and euphoria. …

From understanding flow to a quick trick to replace machine learning

Sankey charts have become one of the important visualisation techniques in recent time for advanced analytics. It has both characteristics of any awesome visualisation — 1. It can look visually stunning 2. It gives very useful insights

However visualisation makes sense only if it is used in a certain context…

Top Use-cases for customer analytics and how to do them

The top domain in which advanced analytics and data science is used is in understanding customers. And it is far more superior compared to any other domain — supply chain, IoT, finance etc.. And the reason is obvious — the success of your business depends upon how well you understand…

Let data do the talking and leave bias and emotions out of the stock game

Data driven means that your decision are driven by data and not by emotions. This approach can be very useful in stock market investment. Here is a summary of a data driven approach which I have been taking recently

Stop analysing stock by stock

Being a data scientist, the one thing which I do not…

How data scientist can go beyond coding and elevate themselves

Let us start with a small quiz

Question 1. What makes you satisfied

Option A. Complex data science code which can detect lung cancer with high accuracy

Option B. People life expectancy increases due to machine learning prediction capability

Question 2. How does your blogs and articles look like


Enhance the power of your data exploration using textual explanations

The popular saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” may be wrong when it comes to data science. Take the example of Uber Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) algorithm which informs the user when the ride is expected to arrive.

Behind the ETA , there is a lot of…

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